Celebrity Aircraft
Celebrity Aircraft
Celebrity Aircraft
Celebrity Aircraft
#CelebrityAircraft MakeAircraft ModelTail
401White Dove FellowshipIsrael Industries1124AN777HD
402White SoxCessna550N550MW
403William FryRockwellNA-265-60n39cb
404WillisGulfstreamGIV-X (G450)N455QS
405..GV-SP (G550)N534QS
406Wilmington TrustGulfstreamGV-SP (G550)N712KT
407Woodridge LlcMcdonnell Douglas369EN444RS
408Word Of Faith Christian CtrHawkerHS.125 Series 700AN225BJ
409Worlds Greatest MechanicCriquet Aviation Bogota ColumbStorch FI-156N429BB
410Xerox CorporationBombardierCL-600-2B16N1090X
413Ziggy WilfDassaultFalcon 2000N18MV

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Please submit any known celebrity aircraft. If you have pictures that you are willing to share, upload them and I will post them after a review. We have no way of knowing for sure about the accuracy of the information posted, if you see something you know to be incorrect, be sure to let us know.