Celebrity Aircraft
Celebrity Aircraft
Celebrity Aircraft
Celebrity Aircraft
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#CelebrityAircraft MakeAircraft ModelTail
201Kenneth Hagin Jr.CanadairCL-600-2B16N91KH
202Kenny ChesneyDassaultFalcon 900 EXN7KC
203Kevin CostnerCessna170An2646
204Kevin KalkhovenGulfstreamG-VN144KK
205King MarthaDassaultFalcon 10N10F
206Krist NovoselicCessna182SN233KS
207Kurt BuschLearjet31AN200KB
209Lady GagaCessna650N902F
210Larry EllisonPilatusPC-7N717LE
211Larry Ellison - Wing And A Prayer IncBombardierBD-700-1A10N17GX
212Larry Ellison - Wing And A Prayer IncCessna750N17CX
213Larry HusbyCessnaL-19EN119LH
214Lee Abrams - Xm Satellite RadioCirrusSR22N101XM
215Leonel FernadezBombardierBD-700-1A10N97DQ
216Leroy Thompson, Sr. - Word Of Life Christian CenterCessna650N818DE
219Lincoln NationalLearjet60N600L
220Lincoln National..N600LC
221Lincoln National..N600LN
222Lloyd Kasakoff, EmcMooneyM20KN6LL
223Lou DobbsBAEHS 125-700AN818LD
225MPiperPA 46-350PN427ws
226Mac Hammond - Living Word Christian CenterCessna650N700MH
229Magic JohnsonGulfstreamG-1159AN32MJ
231Marcus LambCanadairCL-600 ChallengerN444ET
232Mario AndrettiIsrael IndustriesAstra SpxN500MA
233Mark Cowart - Church For All NationsLearjet24DN929MC
234Mark CubanGulfstreamG-VN718MC
235Mark MccallisterBeechA36n37350
236MartinDehavillandDHC-2 MK 1n690db
237Mary KayCessna525BN41ND
238Matt MladinCessna182TN21807
241Mcdonalds CorpBombardierBD-700-1A10N1955M
242Mcdonalds Corp.CL-600-2B16N1967M
243Mckee Foods CorpEmbraerEMB-135LRN89LD
244Mescalero Apache TribeLearjet31AN986MA
246Mgm MirageGulfstreamGV-SP (G550)N721MM
247Michael HarringtonGlobeGC-1BN78282
248Michael Ilitch - Owner Detroit Tigers/Red WingsGulfstreamG-IVN559LC
249Michael JordanBeech300N84
250Michael WaltripBeech300N1MW

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Please submit any known celebrity aircraft. If you have pictures that you are willing to share, upload them and I will post them after a review. We have no way of knowing for sure about the accuracy of the information posted, if you see something you know to be incorrect, be sure to let us know.

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