Celebrity Aircraft
Celebrity Aircraft
Celebrity Aircraft
Celebrity Aircraft
#CelebrityAircraft MakeAircraft ModelTail
1AGulfstreamGV-SP (G550)N636MF
3Abercrombie & FitchGulfstreamG-VN1892
4Adam MerlinGulfstreamG-IVN1AM
6Agape ChurchCessna500N700VC
7Alain BeldaBombardierBD-700-1A10N264A
8Alan SugarPiperPA-31-350N404A
9Aleksei KovalevCessna414N414SD
10Alex SpanosGulfstreamG-VN70AG
11Alfred E. NewmanCessna172MN97BS
13Angelina JolieFairchild71N2K
14Anthony QuadraniBeechG18SN727AV
15Arnold PalmerCessna750N1AP
16Arron TippinAmerican Champion8KCABN558MA
17Assemblies Of God ChurchCessna525An777ag
18Bank Of AmericaGulfstreamGV-SP (G550)N838BA
19Barry YoungUrbanUfm 13 LambadaN851BY
21BellSocataTB-20 TrinidadN292V
22Ben TankardCessna320CN3026T
25Benny HinnGulfstreamG-IVN352BH
26Bernie EcclestonDassaultFalcon 7XN999BE
29Bill CosbyDehavillandDHC-6 Twin OtterN204EH
31Bill GatesBombardierBD-700-1A10N887WM
32Bill LeffNorth AmericanT-6GN22NA
33Billy MaysPiaggioP180N162SL
34Billye Brim - Glorious Church FellowshipVansRV-12N888HS
35Bin LadenLearjet35AN36HJ
36Bob Evans ResturantIsrael IndustriesAstra SpxN82BE
37Bobby GrayRaytheonB200N927BG
38Bobby LabonteLearjet31AN100BL
39Brad PaisleyDassaultMYSTERE-FALCON 50N311BP
40Brad PittCessna182DN113CM
41Brixtel GroupBeech95-B55 (T42A)N723DB
42C.I.A.RobinsonR44 IIN701EB
43California Pizza KitchenIsrael Industries1125 Westwind AstraN789CA
44Calvin KleinGulfstreamG-IVN600CK
45Candybar AviationGulfstreamGV-SP (G500)N110ED
46Carl EdwardsSocataTbm 700N355PM
47Celebrity Eduardo NaderLetBlanik L-13N52AS
48Celine DionBombardierBD-700-1A10n701wh
49ChairGulfstreamG-IV (G400)N413QS
50Charles CloughlyMooneyM20RN409PC
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Please submit any known celebrity aircraft. If you have pictures that you are willing to share, upload them and I will post them after a review. We have no way of knowing for sure about the accuracy of the information posted, if you see something you know to be incorrect, be sure to let us know.

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